Middle (from a Hope Writers writing challenge on Instagram)

There are so many contexts in which to apply the idea of “middle,” but the one that draws my heart today is the presence of the Lord.

When the covenant was made with Abram, God passed between the center of the sacrifice, thereby sealing his promise. When God called to Moses from the burning bush, Scripture says that he called to Moses from the middle of the bush. When the Israelites crossed the Jordan river, as they entered into the Promised Land, the Ark of the Covenant stood on dry ground in the middle of the riverbed as the entire nation of Israel passed by.

When the disciples were struggling against the waves and the wind, Jesus met them there in the middle of the lake. When Jesus defended the woman caught in adultery, and her accusers dropped their stones and walked away, he alone was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman. At the crucifixion, just before Jesus took his last breath, the Temple curtain was torn down the middle, signifying unfettered access to God Almighty.

By definition, “middle” is “the point or position at an equal distance from the sides, edges, or ends of something.” No matter what he calls us to, no matter what we face, HE is in the middle. He does not linger on the edges waiting for us to fail. He is neither distant nor absent. No, he is in the middle; in our midst.

Ever present.

Ever faithful.